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Mobile making worskhops for students and teachers

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Workshops for students

Finding the Balance

A Mobile Making Workshop for Students K thru 6th

One hour

Kevin Reese introduces students to the art of moving sculptures (mobiles) and their key design element -- balance. Working in groups of 4, students each make 1 -2 pieces for a mobile from classroom art supplies and materials provided by Kevin. Students work cooperatively to solve how to balance the pieces as they assemble their mobiles. The mobiles are then installed in the classroom for all to enjoy.

Maximum of 30 students.

Participation of 2-3 adults is helpful for K-2.

The Mobile Gallery

A One-day Residency
Kevin spends a full day leading multiple “Finding the Balance” workshops, creating a mobile art gallery for the whole school to enjoy.

Response to teacher workshops​ at National Gallery of Art

  • "Excellent interweaving of art, physics and math.  To see the rapture on the faces of the children said it all!"

  • "Way Fun!  (Not to listen to your negative inner critique)."

  • "Never be afraid to think out of the box!  The power of 'playful thinking.' ”

  • "Wonderful!  Mobiles are created 'Bottom to top!' ”


Workshops for teachers

It’s All Connected

A Professional Development Workshop for Teachers

2.5 hours

In this participatory workshop, teachers learn ways to use mobile making to help students work cooperatively, to participate effectively in group problem solving, and to visually explore curricular themes. Teachers do movement exercises to physically understand balance and interdependence and how each affects a mobile’s design.  Then, using materials provided by Kevin, the teachers learn that basic process of making a mobile.

Maximum of 25 participants.  Large open space as well as work tables required

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