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Martinsville, VA 2014
5 weeks 
19 schools
14 local businesses
45 mobiles
45 mobiles installed at the Piedmont Arts Center for 6 weeks and then taken down and re-installed permanently in all 19 schools and 14 local businesses that helped to make it possible.
Martinsville Install.JPG
This one, also installed at the Arts Center, is still there to this day.

"We knew Mobilizing Our Community was going to be an amazing artist residency, but it transcended all our expectations. It really did bring the community together. Everyone who worked on the project came away with a sense of excitement and accomplishment. It was an incredible way to show how the arts can interconnect across curriculums…math, science, vocabulary, 21st Century skills. Now we have nearly 50 student-designed and constructed mobiles hanging throughout our community!"

Kathy Rogers, Executive Director
Piedmont Arts, Martinsville, VA 

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