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Mobilizing Our Community

Transform How You Connect with Your Community

Picture hundreds of your community’s residents – children, adults, seniors of every race, background and ability – coming together. Picture them working side-by-side in community centers, schools, churches, and businesses to conceive and create hundreds of colorful pieces.  Imagine all of these pieces connecting into a spectacular public art installation of high-flying colorful moving sculptures. 

Residencies often include working with schools for students to gain skills in art, math and physics by designing small models or maquettes that can inspire the larger mobile designs.

Mobilizing Our Community, Wausau, Wisconsin

Then imagine, after the mobiles have soared together in a public space, all the mobiles are given back to the community, reinstalled individually at businesses, senior centers, hospitals and schools. Picture each participating organization with a sign on their door that says: “We’ve been mobilized!” Imagine your community filled with joyful, tangible reminders of many parts coming together to make an inspiring new whole.
These are just a few of the community installations done in the past 8 years.
Kevin works with presenters and sponsors to design the most impactful residency for your locale. 
Contact Kevin Reese to imagine your own Mobilizing Our Community residency

“These mobiles are the sum of their parts, but the parts are more than foam core and wire. The parts include the collective yearnings for communal expression — a non-verbal, non-competitive collaboration to envision and shape something beautiful, something that transcends an individual’s hands and self, something that enlarges our possibilities.”

Jane Lang, Founder

Atlas Performing Arts Center

Washington, DC


Mobilizing Our Community Opening Dedicat
photo dance 2.jpg
This mobile was "re-purposed as the culminating event of an NYC dance company. 
Kevin Reese’s Mobilizing Our Community presents a whole new way for arts centers, arts councils and community organizations to connect with communities.  The project offers a unique entry point into the arts for people of all ages, perspectives and experiences.  Frequently funded by local business sponsors, Kevin presents a multi-week residency in which participants design and fabricate multiple large-scale mobiles.  People learn new skills and build connections as they work toward a common goal.
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