“Kevin Reese is far more than an artist. He is a master motivator and a patient and respectful educator. I wholeheartedly recommend this residency to any organization.”

Fern Shepard, PTA Cultural arts Chairperson
North Chevy Chase Elementary School

“Kevin Reese provided an incredible experience for students and teachers. The entire process was well planned and each child involved was fully engaged. The entire two-week residency was rich and full of creative inquiry and artistic implementation. It was certainly a journey worth taking.”

Judith R Hall, Education Associate
Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall

“Every time I walk by, it makes me smile because I am so proud of the lasting image we have created.”

Diane Blake, Art teacher
Seneca Academy, Darnestown, MD

"Enough can't be said about Kevin Reese. His patience, humor, energy and enthusiasm kept the peace, pace and performance top notch.”

Liz Van Brunt
Spring Ridge Elementary, Frederick, MD

"I cannot begin to tell you how much we enjoyed your recent residency here at Harford Day. The incredible mobiles you created with the students are breathtaking! We are all still excited and abuzz at our new additions here. Everyone who sees the mobiles is awe struck, especially by the fact that students created them."

Susan McGuirk
Harford Day School, Bel Air, MD

“I am so proud of our sculpture and our relationship with you. You inspired our school and the sculpture is a daily reminder of that inspiration”

Dr Laura Kingsley, Principal
Fruitville Elementary

“The experience our students had working with Kevin was something these students will never forget. The icing on the cake is to have this amazingly colorful sculpture the kids can come back and see year after year!”

Lisa Foley, Art teacher
Hunters Woods Elementary, Farifax, VA

An excellent communicator, Kevin interacts equally well with children and adults filling each session with practical and fun lessons in science and math along with art. The results he and the students achieved by the end of the week are astonishing, and are now being enjoyed by the entire community. SchoolSculptures is an amazing residency project, and gets our highest recommendation.

Sharon Owens Carteret Arts Forum Beaufort, North Carolina

<strong><u>Working space</u></strong><br /> With an indoor residency, I usually work indoors, preferably an art room or unused classroom (is there such a thing?)&nbsp; If necessary, some of the work can happen outdoors as well.&nbsp; In the work-space I need access to electrical outlets and two to three tables, as well as a trash can.&nbsp; That is all that the sponsor needs to provide.<br /> &nbsp;<br /> &nbsp;<br /> &nbsp;<br /> <strong><u>Day One and Day Two</u></strong><br /> I arrive at the school pretty early to set up for the first time and get things ready. The only thing that I need from the school are two tables, a trash can and paper towels.&nbsp;&nbsp; I like to schedule 6 to 8 half-classes of 30 to 45 minutes each, preferably with a little time in between each class.&nbsp; During Day One and Day Two we are measuring the model, cutting, sanding and gluing pieces to wires.&nbsp; The participants are starting to see how scale works and how the pieces that they are working on correspond to the model.&nbsp; By the end of Day Two, most of the pieces are attached to wires and ready to be flame- proofed and painted<br /> &nbsp;<br /> &nbsp;<br /> <strong><u>Day Three and Day Four</u></strong><br /> Each piece gets flame-proofed with a class 2 flame retardant called Inspectashield.&nbsp; Each piece also gets two to three coats of interior latex paint, also treated with Inspectashiled.&nbsp; The participants have decided what colors are going to be used and how those colors are going to be applied.&nbsp; They learn how to apply paint properly and how color affects design.&nbsp; Pieces are now being put together and the students are finding the balance points, learning the physics behind creating a mobile.<br /> &nbsp;<br /> <strong><u>Day Five</u></strong><br /> We put it all together and install the mobile(s).&nbsp; At this point, the sponsor needs to provide a ladder that will reach the ceiling for an indoor sculpture.&nbsp;&nbsp; All of the participating students are brought together to see the last mobile hung and the completion and dedication of the installation<br /> &nbsp;<br /> &nbsp;<br />
My class totally enjoyed this experience. My third graders developed a vocabulary list of over 80 words which were used thru-out all academic curriculum areas over the course of the week. To watch the project go from paper to actual sculpture over a 5 day period was awesome. The “hands-on” portion of the residency is something my students will NEVER forget. Thank you to ALL who made this happen at our school!!”

Gail Karcher, 3rd grade teacher, Skycrest Elementary, Clearwater, FL