Indoor Mobile Residency

Pre-residency Work:
The Indoor Mobile Residency starts with a pre-residency visit where Kevin meets with the adults involved (art teacher, PTA and/or principal) to determine theme, size, and placement of the mobile or mobiles. Kevin then meets with some of the students (often the top grade level involved) to discuss the concept of abstract art, examine thematic ideas and walk around the installation space. The students then do their own drawings of what they think the installation should look like. If the residency is outside the Washington D.C. area this is done with the help of the local presenter and/or art teacher by phone and e-mail. Incorporating the students’ input, Kevin takes these drawings home and, using them as inspiration, creates a model which is brought to the first day of the residency.

The Residency Day One and Two: Kevin works with half classes for 45 minutes each throughout the day. Students measure the pieces of the model, take them to scale and draw them out on pieces of foam core. Kevin cuts out the pieces and the students sand the edges and prepare to attach them to wires with epoxy.

Day Three: Each piece is flame-proofed and prepared for painting by the students. The students help to decide colors, exploring the importance of color, size, and relationship to the design. The students apply two coats of flame resistant acrylic paint to each piece.

Day Four: The mobile pieces are brought together for balancing. Using the model as a guide, the students choose where each piece goes and discover where each balance point should be. The students work with Kevin to assemble the mobile.

Day Five: Finishing touches are applied to the sculpture before it is installed and dedicated. Schools are encouraged to celebrate the new piece of public art with a school-wide assembly for the installation.